کالج جاذبه های گردشگری ایران زمین - Isfahan landmarks

کالج جاذبه های گردشگری ایران زمین

دانشکده جاذبه های گردشگری ایران زمین

Isfahan landmarks

The Imam Khomeini Mosque is one of the popular tourist attractions in Isfahan which is situated at the end of the Imam Khomeini Square.The Imam Mosque Isfahan is one ,of the most astonishing edifices in Iran where two         turquoise towers encircle the huge of entrance measuring 27meters height .The main dome of around 52meters height is behind the Imam Mosque.

This dome was actually the prayer hall.The mosque was established during a period of 26 years and was ultimaitly finished in the year 1638.

Consequently, some parts of the Imam Mosque are well-decorated including the new manner and some of them are designed with the old and ornate tiles.The Imam Mosque is a mosque stands wonderfully at the south side of Naghsh-eJahan Square.

Established during the Safavid period the Imam Mosque is an exceptional instance of Islamic architecture of Iran and considered to be the masterpiece of Persian Architectuure.The Imam Mosque is one of the perpetual instsances of architecture in Iran and all around the earth.

The Imam Mosque is registered together with the Naghsh-I Jahan Square as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The construcation of the Imam Mosque started in the year 1611 and its magnificence is caused by the beauty of its seven-olor mosaic tiles and calligraphic inscriptions.

The port of the Imam Mosque is around 27meters of high topped with two minarest that are 42meters tall.The Mosque is ideally enclosed with four iwans and arcades.All the walls are decorated whit seven-color mosaic tile.The most wonderful iwan of the Imam Mosque is the one facing the Qibla measuring 33meters high.

The reflections at the main point under the dome are brilliant and attractive.There are two seminaries at the southeast and southwest sections of The Imam Mosque.


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